Why training with a team requires communication all around

I am part of a great team, thanks to Henry Mayo Fitness & Health.  Together we are Adnan Hyder, Fitness Director at the gym, and TJ DiPrima, Athletic Training Outreach Director at the Outpatient Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab facility (located in the same building as the gym, lucky for our community).  Both of these impressive young men come with their share of initials, certifications and credentials – and it shows.  Their experience, commitment to the job and their maturity in their respective positions makes them acutely aware of the needs of every patient.  What makes them the ultimate fitness team members, however, is their ability to communicate not just with the client they share, but with each other.

Both Adnan and TJ spent a good deal of time discussing my needs at the start of my project – whether it was what I’d hoped to achieve physically or what motions I would most be doing on my climb, their interest was professional as well as detailed.  Kili is different from my other climbs; it’s not a technical climb requiring ropes and crampons but rather a long slog.  People die on Kili because of the altitude (19,341′) and because it requires the fitness to hike through days in the jungle followed by six long days on the mountain.  This training is for strength, endurance and increasing my oxygen exchange, vital to my success on the mountain.  Living where we live – at nearly sea level – it’s difficult to train for high climbs.  These guys have it down, having prepared for my arrival by doing research on altitude climbs.  I respect that preparation.  Their goal during this project has been the climb – for TJ, it’s mechanics and injury free progression; for Adnan, strength and endurance but also recognizing that aesthetics is all a part of fitness (I tend to bulk up during training and I don’t like that. He finds ways to combat that.)  Together they share with me my mantra, “failure is not an option.”

So here is the best example of teamwork – this week I was suffering some pain resulting from an earlier injury.  During training yesterday with Adnan I was aware of the flare up in certain movements.  He adjusted the workout accordingly to keep me challenged and moving forward without risk of further injury.  Today TJ, in physical therapy, not only worked on the injury site itself to give me back the movement I needed, but worked outside the box to give me even more creative ideas to achieve my goal while still going around the injury.  He had also met with Adnan the previous day to brainstorm how to get me where I want to be prior to my climb after assessing where I was today.  Pretty awesome.  Even better is that they keep giving me exercises to do that point out my WEAKNESSES.  I hate that.  And they know it.  But were they not doing that I would not be getting stronger every day; it makes me appreciate them that much more.

These men both have wonderful personalities and a great sense of humor to go along with that, making them ideal partners and fun to be around, to boot.  I joke with them that they’re trying to kill me – but they know that the harder they push me, the more I respect them for it.  They are following my lead in terms of the kind of client I am; if I needed something different I have no doubt I would receive exactly that.

There is simply no excuse NOT to be in good hands when you are training or in rehab.  Contact Adnan Hyder at 661-200-2306 to learn more about training.  TJ can be reached at 661-200-1550 for more info on physical therapy or improving your performance.


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