What’s next on the adventure list?

I haven’t even left for Kili yet (about 36 hours until GO time!) but I always feel the pull of the outdoors so I need to make sure I have the next plan ready to go.  Lucky for me I have incredible friends who do amazing things and allow me to tag along!

Cross Country Hut to Hut – mid February

I’ll be heading up to the WA backcountry to cross another adventure off the bucket list this winter!  We will be throwing on a pack and cross country skiing from backcountry hut to backcountry hut.  I’ll be doing this with Craig – you can read about him and the rest of my adventure guys in the “team” section from the home page.  If it wasn’t for Craig, nearly every outdoor adventure I’ve had wouldn’t be possible.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have met him on that incredible day back in 1982. That day changed my life entirely.  I’m really looking forward to this.

Climbing Mt. Shasta – early June

Some people find Kilimanjaro way too big of a stretch to do, either for the distance, the difficulty or the cost.  How about something closer to home?  If you climb Shasta in the summer, you can summit this Fourteener if you can handle the altitude.  At 14,180′, it’s just shy of Rainier (14,410′) and a challenge right in our backyard.  For Ross, Craig and I, it’s time to get out the ice axes and crampons!  We’ll be climbing this on a weekend in early June when it’s still completely covered in snow.  I’ve been waiting for the chance to do some mountaineering again since Rainier and thanks to Ross, who lives nearby, we’ll be having a great reunion weekend having a blast.  We camp out one night on the snow and summit the next day.  The guys will likely ski sections from the summit; I will probably glissade.  They are way beyond me in the adventure skiing category.

Glacier National Park – Backcountry – August

Though there can be hoards of people in the National Parks, we aren’t likely to see many people (the goal is NONE) where we’ll be going.  The entire gang is reuniting for what will surely be another epic adventure.  Craig, Ross, Roddy, Josh and I head out into the backcountry once again to enjoy nature untouched and a challenge you can only get when you take the time and energy get way out there.  These men challenge me every time to keep up.  The training for this one will be tough because I don’t like to fall behind – these guys are tough outdoorsmen.  There will be lots of stairs in my future!  And fun – these men are the best of the best – intelligent, funny and strong.  There is nothing like a week in the wilderness with them.  I’m incredibly fortunate and don’t I know it!  And yes, they have saved my life more than once.  And seen me cry after they’ve made me do some seriously scary stuff.

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