What’s next after Kili??

Well it was quite the experience and finally, after two and a half months back, I’m coming off of my natural high. Being on top of Africa was quite the thrill. I went there with the express intent to be focused, present, appreciative and aware..and boy, was I. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. Tanzanians are amazing, beautiful people and I was so grateful to share time with them. My teammates were extraordinary and together we made it to the top of the fourth highest mountain in the world. I can hardly believe it!

So what’s next? Well, plenty. I have already begun training for three trips in 2018 in preparation for my next biggie, Nepal – in March of 2019. Another dream and plenty of checkmarks in the lifelist column! Here’s the plan:

  1. I am doing a nordic hut to hut in the Methow Valley in Washington State.  Way out there, we throw on a pack and cross country ski from backcountry hut to backcountry hut.  I’m hoping for snow, snow, snow!  It’s quiet, peaceful and the most difficult workout I’ve ever done!!  I’ll be going with Craig Mabie; you can meet him on the team page.  That’ll be in February and I am in the gym 3 to 4 days a week training with a 40 lb pack on my back.  It’s so much work but so much fun…changing it up makes all the difference!
  2. Shasta – Ross Nayuch and I will be climbing this local gem in early June, while it’s still glaciated.  I can’t wait to get out the ice axe and crampons again…they have been sad in the closet since Rainier!  Ross is an expert mountaineer (and physician) so I’ll be in good hands.  He’ll ski down from the summit and I will follow in his wake on, well, my butt, probably.  And won’t that be a blast 🙂
  3. In August I’ll be meeting with the whole team – Roddy, Josh, Ross and Craig – in backcountry Glacier National Park.  As usual, we’ll hopefully be so far out that we won’t see a soul but each other and the wildlife (safely).  This is on my bucket list to see before it’s gone.  But the very best part is that I get to share it with my guys – all of us together.  It will be epic, as it always is.
  4. The big one, the “other Everest” as it’s known…Gokyo Ri in Nepal.  Its peak is very well known as having one of the best views of the Himalayas.  Again, it’s our entire team.  It’s a custom itinerary just for us…it won’t be quite as high as Kilimanjaro but it will be tougher, with three three high mountain passes and the peak.  Training will go on all year for this one.

Thank you for coming along for the ride and I’ll be sure to post pics and videos – this training is completely different from anything I’ve ever done.  Come join me for a day at Henry Mayo Fitness & Health and have some gym fun with me!

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