The Cascades of Washington – June 2017

Lucky for me, my best friends live in Washington and they allow me the opportunity for adventure whenever I’m up north.  So – of course I took advantage!!  Noah and his girlfriend joined us on a beautiful backpacking trip into the Cascades.  Now this is 2017 after a record year of snowfall…the melt out wouldn’t happen in many high country areas until at least the end of July so we were relegated to very few spots where we could find dry areas to hike.

The area we picked had just melted out the previous week so any climbs higher than about 7800 feet were on snow.  But we do love a good snowball fight in the summer so we were ready for anything!  These climbs proved to be steep and slippery but gave me the challenge I needed to keep up my training!

Noah and Christie are seen here filtering water along the trail.
Day hike up a steep snowfield.









Campsite two
The wildflowers were in full bloom!
Craig and I on a high ridge after a super steep climb!








Craig, Douglas and I around the campfire (our favorite time)
Happy Hour!








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