Why the GoFundMe account (www.gofundme.com/amydanielsclimbs)?

Because I don't want to comingle funds in any way.  It's important that everything is transparent and people know just where their money is being used.  All donations through the home page on this site (button to donate to WiSH) link DIRECTLY with the WiSH Education Foundation's donation page.  As a 501 (c)3, all donations are tax deductible per extent of the law.

So what will the GoFundMe donations go toward?

I'm committed to this climb.  No matter what.  My motivation and my mission is WiSH, number one.  I thought long and hard about my skillset and what I could do that's uniquely ME to show people how BIG my desire is to raise funding for public education.  I came up with this climb.  It's big, exciting and shows organization, preparation, commitment to a cause.

But it's expensive to get there and do this and quite frankly, small nonprofits are not corporate America.  I love my job desperately but I also know that doing this, while for public education, is tough for my team to handle financially.  The team is there to spread the word and hopefully raise funding that is greater than just here in the SCV - the team is there to support me in my mission for WiSH - and also to assist me physically and emotionally on this climb.  They are all philanthropists, and they can help.  Haven't we all given to a mission that is far away from home - because it's a great mission?  I have.  Most of the people I know have.  And often we don't know that the money we're giving is really going to where we wanted it to go or expected it to go.  Here, it's WiSH.  We're small enough that every dollar makes a difference.

The money won't be paying for safaris and extras (if I'm lucky enough to do any of that, that's on me).  It's paying to get there - guides, sherpas, visas, equipment.  Period.  There's quite a bit involved in a trip like this.

And the leftover money, after the expedition costs are covered?

WiSH.  That's the whole point.

Why is the gofundme account goal so high?

I have high expectations - and I believe we all understand that investment in our young people is important.  Period.

Who's giving?  Join them. Please.  Any amount at all is most appreciated.

Nancy Goldstein

Kim Engeseth