Testing the training, testing the gear.

In the course of every training period there are the times to test it all out, to see what’s working, what still needs improvement and whether your gear is appropriate for the adventure ahead.  This weekend was my chance.  Up at Mt. Hood, Oregon, at 11,250′, two of my sons and I indulged in a fantastic weekend of outdoor activity in the snow!  Okay, and a lot of great food and local craft beers.  Come on, people, life is short!  Enjoy!





Well, day one was a bluebird day!  First time nordic skiers, my boys found that forging their own paths through four feet of snow on cross country skis is quite a bit of work.  Making it better?  An unreal day of unexpected perfect weather on this side of the mountain.  In the balmy 30’s, we were soon moving our layers into our packs!  We then moved on to a groomed trail which showed them an entirely different way of skiing.  Never tried nordic?  Try going up and down hills without edges!  Hard work outdoors is its own reward!

Day two was a different weather story – with two feet expected over the course of the next week, it all started today.  Snowshoeing started at the Timberline Lodge, best known as the lodge in The Shining.  Heading straight up, it wasn’t long before we’d knocked out 1100 feet and heading off trail to slog through the deep snow in whiteout conditions. It was hot work but as we got higher, the temperature dropped and the high, biting winds kicked in. Layers back on and trying to dig out a snow cave to beat the wind!


Here’s the best part – I was ready.  No pain, no fatigue, able to go the distance.  Perfect layers for up and down Kilimanjaro – lightweight and technically advanced. Rudy Project eyewear was fantastic both in sunny and whiteout conditions.

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Never been to Mt. Hood?  It’s the only year round skiing in America! Well worth the trip at any time of year.



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