June Training in Oregon

June brought with it my son Noah’s graduation from the University of Oregon and an opportunity to run the trails in and around Eugene.  There is a special something to summers in the Pacific Northwest when the temperature is mild and the environment green and inviting.  It really reminds me of summertime in New England – a chance to experience all that the geography has to offer in good weather.

While the mountains aren’t high around there (though Mt. Hood is not that far off), this was an opportunity to test out my hip for some long runs along with Willamette River and climb some local hills for terrific views of the gorgeous Oregon countryside.  I am happy to report that both the weather and my hip were in top shape!

I’ll miss trail running in Oregon and of course, being a DUCK mom.  If I’m lucky, my kids will remain in the Pacific Northwest and I’ll always be able to go back where the air is clean and adventure is around every corner 🙂







Running along the Willamette River in Eugene on an absolutely incredible morning:


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