It’s HIMALAYAN time!

Josh Powers and I left Los Angeles on Tuesday and arrived, via China, in Kathmandu on Thursday, March 22. Loooong flight. Kathmandu is crowded…crazy drivers, many scooters, dilapidated buildings. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. There are 5 million people here! I have no idea how there aren’t dead bodies all over the streets. Although, on the way to our hotel, our guide did point out the location where all the people burn their dead.

With very limited weight limits for the prop plane to lukla, we are tasked with pairing down our gear to comply while getting more gear to deal with the extra snow (read: crampons needed).

We’re pretty pooped. Not a lot of sleeping and with days upside down, our first overnight here was less than a deep night sleep. Glad we came in a day early to acclimate.

Our guide, Assis, tells us the snow is high and the weather is COLD. We should be grateful for the -20+ bag that we’ll be using when we stay indoors..

Well, we are heading out soon for gear, to meet with our guide and to see four UNESCO World Heritage sites today before having a traditional Nepalese dinner tonight. Tomorrow we head out early for the flight to Lukla…the most dangerous airport in the world. Are we nervous? Yep, a little.

My cell home screen won’t ever look like this again!
Getting ready to board in LA for first leg to China