Hiking a trail and why training is different for that than a run on a flat path

So if you want to run on a relatively smooth surface you’ll train that way – outside on walkways, roadways, tracks or in the gym on the treadmill.  On a trail, however, you need to be ready for the change in  direction and uneven terrain.  Adnan, the Fitness Director at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health, worked specifically with me on training for the climb and inevitable need for balance and agility.  You can see here just one of the agility ladder exercises that he had me do on a regular basis. There were several iterations of this exercise, which kept up the cardio while giving me excellent focus on the footwork.  In addition, though I regularly train outside on a local staircase (163 up one way), Adnan had me running stairs with weights in order to train my legs to be strong enough to go uphill for the long haul up Kilimanjaro.

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