Let’s Get Started

It all starts on Thursday, November 3rd.  I’m looking forward to meeting my new Physical Therapist and seeing the new state of the art fitness facility that houses PT with Henry Mayo Fitness & Health.  I’m told I’ll be evaluated and put on a new Zero G machine.  Stay tuned – we have a lot to cover and a little over ten months to accomplish it all.  Why Henry Mayo Fitness & Health?

I began training to climb Mt. Rainier back in 2012.  I suffered an injury during training and lost all use of my right arm.  For those of you who mountaineer, you know that in order to do a technical climb, you must be able to perform a “self arrest.”  That is, use your ice axe to stop your fall or the fall of someone you are roped to.  To do that, you have to be able to swing the ice axe hard and fast overhead and jam it into the glacier.  Without my arm I was, of course, unable to climb.  Before researching more invasive options, I decided to reach out to my regional hospital and their physical therapy department, which I’d heard great things about.  The evaluation was incredibly thorough and they worked towards symmetry in my body, which was unusual for me in my past PT experiences – I’d always had PT focused on the injury, and nothing else.  What made the experience that much better was the fact that they created exercises and a complete training regimen that mimicked the actions I would be performing during the climb.  The transition from therapy to training was seamless.  I’m looking forward to more of the same with Kilimanjaro.  Check out the home page of Henry Mayo Fitness and Health (and see who happens to be on the home page working out!)

I summited Mt. Rainier on my 50th birthday on August 13, 2013, having shared the incredible experience with my brother, Marc.