Glacial Glissading in July (and how mom never stops being mom, much to her child’s dismay)

Welcome to Spyder Gap.  July 2012, Craig, Douglas, Noah and Amy.  The plan is to camp low for a couple of nights and then climb much higher up onto the glacier and into the gap to get a peak over into the next valley.  Lower, in the meadow, there are lots and lots of playful marmots within just a couple of feet of us - we'd never seen them be so unafraid.  It was just darling!  It was wet in the valley but the view was incredible - we knew we were in for a treat over the next few days.








Time to make our way out of the valley and up towards the gap...








The higher we climb, the colder it gets, the more snow is on the ground...summer battles year round winter up higher...








The glacier is a steep climb into the gap and the temperature is dropping as the wind picks up....we think a storm is coming and we're right (it'll snow tonight - in July!)










At the top of the glacier, in the gap, we prepare to glissade for a while (which is really just a fancy way of saying that we are sliding down on our bottoms!) but mom sees that her boy is wearing waterproof shell pants only with no other layers (have you not learned after all these years?).  In an attempt to keep the kid warm, I make him completely disrobe in the freezing temperatures and then start again with long underwear and fleece first.  He is mortified, I am now happy.  Let the fun begin!!














We camp on a ledge overlooking a spectacular view:







And spend the next morning working our way out, into Leavenworth and on to Serene Lake and Falls:










And where there is water...even if it's surrounded by glaciers and it makes you scream...








Thus making it yet another spectacular trip into the backcountry, thanks to Craig and Douglas.