My "guys" from UVM - Ross, Craig, Josh, Roddy and me
My "guys" from UVM - Ross, Craig, Josh, Roddy and me

How did you get started with climbing?

I was always an outdoors kind of girl and lucky that my Brooklyn born parents (me, too) took us to the country every weekend growing up.  I was also a year round athlete as far back as I can remember. Fortunately for me, I went to college at the University of Vermont in Burlington and still pinch myself that I was lucky enough to be in a place that incredible.  I met remarkable people there and I still backpack with those same people three decades later. See the above...we're on a ridge in Alaska.  That's Ross Nayduch (a Doctor in California), Craig Mabie (retired from Homeland Security and the Consumer Product Safety Commission in Seattle), Joshua Powers (VP at Indiana State University) and Roger Lewis (Nonprofit Consultant in Boulder).  They are, at once, extraordinarily intelligent, funny, kind, incredibly organized and athletic.

Where have you hiked?

Coast to coast (New England to the Olympics of Western Washington), Canadian Rockies, Alaska, France to Switzerland.  Soon, AFRICA!

Do your kids go with you?

I've been asked this a lot....of course they do!  Check out the gallery and there are several pictures with my three sons (Josh, Noah and Zach), who were raised going on trips with me to the backcountry in Washington State.  As a result, two of my boys now live in the Pacific Northwest!  Rainier, though, was saved just for my baby brother Marc.  Somehow we got through that climb together and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  We tried to get my other brother out there but he would have none of it!

Can I or my company sponsor your climb?

Thanks for asking that question!  Why yes, of course you can!

There are two ways to be a part of this expedition - give directly to my foundation through the home page of this website.  We are a 501 (c)3 and all donations are tax deductible per extent of the law.  OR .... can help my expedition team with the expense of the trip as I raise awareness for the needs of public education.  That funding is desperately needed, as well, and donations can be made through (just copy and paste into your browser)..any unused donations through this gofundme account will be used as a foundation donation. Trip expenses include actual trip expense - visas, permits, guide, sherpas, gear, etc. Contact me at for further information.

Who are you climbing Kili with?

Right now I'm going with my friend, backpacking pal and former roommate from UVM, Joshua Powers.  Josh is a Vice President at Indiana State University and part of my group of friends who meets regularly for adventures.  He's traveled around the world and run marathons.  He's a great family man, humble, kind, smart and funny and I am the lucky one that gets to share his time on this journey.  We are in the planning stages for the rest of our team to join us - Craig, Roddy and Ross.  You can view their bios on the "Climbing Team" page on the home page.

Thank you so very much for your support.