Day Four: Namche Bazar (11,280′)

WE HAD OUR FIRST VIEW OF EVEREST! I just had to get that out of the way.

So yeah, WAY harder than yesterday. Not just because of the climb – 6 hours consisting mostly of stairs – but because of the quick elevation change. That’s why we’ll be doing a short acclimation hike tomorrow morning but staying here again tomorrow night. We officially entered Sagarmatha National Park, home.of Mt. Everest. It really is quite a dream that we can’t believe is true. We crossed several very high suspension bridges strewn with prayer flags, swaying in the wind and by the weight of the many trekkers. They are beautiful and thriling.

Center right Lhotse, center left Everest

This place is so out of this world. You can’t get here by car, only on foot, which makes it all the more unreal. And it’s more modern than Kathmandu. As the capital city of the Khumbu Region, it’s clean, modern, tons of stores, colorful, lots of spoken english…just mind blowing. And, by the way, it’s all high up on a cliff.

Now, that said, the tea houses here, or lodges, while more upscale (think actual hot water and sheets) still don’t have heat in the rooms. And the bathroom is a combo toilet/sink/shower combo which is a total mess. And you have to supply your own toilet paper. It’s so cold that everything just feels damp. So while Namche Bazar is quite something to be seen, it’s still rural mountain Nepal.

Coolest little city, Namche Bazar…you can only walk here!

I feel a tiny bit of a headache, having gone up pretty quickly, but all in all feel ok but tired from a strenuous hike. There is way more tough stuff ahead. Kind of makes me nervous. I see the people coming down, mostly from base camp, and they all are moving quickly, happy to get off the mountain, they say, and get warm again. It’s a bit intimidating, number one, and number two, no one seems super psyched they did what they just did. And base camp is substantially easier than what we have yet to do. I am getting that creeping voice in my head that tells me I might be getting too old for expeditions of this magnitude..or perhaps I’d rather do adventure vacations on a smaller scale and mix it up with a beach in Belize or Bali 🙂

I cried when I saw tbis. So beautiful!