Day Eight: Drama in the Himalayas, Lobuche, 15,800′

I’ve already written several heartfelt paragraphs only to have the internet go down and lose it all. I’m disgusted. The lowdown:

I’m sick with a food borne illness and haven’t eaten in 3 days. I’m weak, exhausted, nauseas, freezing, defeated and am tired of seeing the near constant rescue helicopters since 14,000 feet. And the smell of yak dung in the tea houses is overwhelming, as is the hole in the ground toilets. The people are fabulous, they are. I’ve just had enough. I sleep on the ground for fun and have done so for 35 years. Turns out that more than two weeks of it and I’m a snob. Or when I’m sick I can’t take it. Or when it’s below zero I can’t take it. Or all of the above. When is my flight home? What day is it, anyway?

Our original.plan changed when a team returned from the pass to find waist deep snow and 60 to 70 mph winds, very unusual. We decided instead to head to Everest Base Camp tomorrow and then continue on schedule, weather permitting.

It’s GORGEOUS but I’ve had enough. I need a beach, a spa, room service, hot water, heat and to not feel like a defeated wuss. The good stuff: