Are you challenged BOTH physically AND creatively in your workout?

Your workouts are good – sometimes great…but they are pretty much the same when you work the same body part, as in – arms day – same machines, same weight training for those biceps.  Leg day – pretty much rotating the same machines.  You have no complaints, it seems to be working.  I thought so, too.  Until I started working out with Adnan (#HenryMayoFitnessHealth) and he made every single workout different.

Adnan taught me the scientific value of changing it up and putting the right exercises in the right order for greatest benefit.  Who knew?  And not only that, the change up has made me 100% even more excited to get to the gym and see what torture he has planned for me that day.  Do you have this much fun with YOUR trainer?

And how about this one?  This kills me at the end of my two hour workout but it leaves me exiting the gym with a smile on my face nonetheless 🙂

Time to come in and see Adnan.  Henry Mayo Fitness & Health, Town Center Drive, Valencia, CA

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