Altitude without attitude. And a mindset.

Appreciation for the outdoors. And a mindset.  It’s what a friend reminded me of when I met her by the milk in the grocery store today.  She asked me how my training was going.  I told her it was going “Great!” and that anyone can do it.  At that point her eyes got really big and she said “NO!  Not everyone!  You have to have the mindset!”

So yeah, I guess she was right.  But so was I.  So once you get going and make workouts a part of your life, you CAN do it.  Look, I’m in good shape for someone my age but I’m no fitness magazine model (I like food WAY too much for that and finally, at my age, I’m getting better about thinking “You don’t like it? Don’t look. I work hard and that’s all I can do.).  I’m a regular mom of three who just loves adventure and doesn’t ever want to say “No, I can’t” to my adventurous friends when they invite me to go along on a grand trek. Or to my three boys who love to go on these adventures, too.  I’m pretty much the slowest of the five men I backpack with but I make it.  Come hell or high water, I’m makin’ it.  That’s the mindset difference.  How to get it?

Join a gym like #HenryMayoFitnessHealth.  No joke.  The trainers there are highly qualified, unlike so many other gyms where the trainers are weekend took-the-test-online-to-get-my-license people.  These are people with degrees and an enormous amount of experience, which you can tell from your first assessment (included, of course).  When you need help, they are there and AVAILABLE.  So you train with them until you feel comfortable doing it on your own and suddenly, that day when you didn’t make it to the gym felt like something was missing.  Yep, the endorphins, the satisfaction of having earned that extra bite, lost that extra pound, sweated it out for just two more minutes when you thought you didn’t have it in you.  Then it’s a mindset.

The attitude?  Leave it at the door.  Have fun, be grateful for the people who get you OUT and having fun and for every single amazing thing there is that is good in your life…even when you have a hard time picking them out.  I am so incredibly humbled by my friends Roger, Ross, Josh and Craig because they are ultimate athletes and STILL allow me to come along on adventures (patience is a virtue, plus they lie to me about how hard it’ll be), humbled by the gift of seeing things that most people never, ever take the time and energy to see, humbled by sharing much of that with my three sons and grateful that at this time of my life I am working hard to be positive in the face of struggle.  Life is hard, no question, but appreciation for what’s good goes a long way to happy.

Case in point – my son, Noah (who created this website) and Josh, both of whom met me at Mt. Hood for some mom spoilage and outdoor fun.  Grateful to be with two of my three, we dropped Josh in Portland after our fun and continued to Eugene, where Noah took me to an Elton John concert, a fraternity party and then out to close the bars with his friends.  I got invited out by my 21 year old!  Grateful, grateful, grateful.  What a time!

Rainy & cold in Eugene. But HAPPY.

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